Welcome to Tri-Lakes Diagnostics Imaging

Big Chris and Little Kris

Since 2008, Tri-Lakes Diagnostic Imaging, an Accredited Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility, has helped many physicians and countless 1000’s of patients receive Accurate and Affordable testing such as our comfortable Open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computerized Axial Tomography), Ultrasound, X-Ray and Bone Density (Dexa) studies.




The Affordable Care Act is a disaster. Insurance rates are skyrocketing and deductibles are thru the roof! You would have to be hit by a train before you would see any real benefits from expensive out of pocket Diagnostic Testing. Deductibles for most will never be met. Our question is, “So why try?”


Insurance is also an immense burden for the provider as well. Denied payments for medical necessity, poor and inaccurate processing of claims and reimbursement rates so low now that often times it is below our operational costs. Physicians are starting to fight back by providing a “Direct Care or Concierge” services that eliminates the need for insurance except in a catastrophic situation. So we asked the same question, “So why try?”


Tri-Lakes Diagnostic Imaging is determined to “Take the Hell out of Diagnostic Healthcare”, by offering our New “One Thru Five Plan”. This plan is a NO Headaches, No Delays, No Insurance Plan! This plan offers you the patient the power of Transparency,  Affordability and most importantly it gives you back your “Right to Choose” what’s best for you and your family. No more should it be acceptable for someone to choose for you when their choice can break the bank. If you think someone choosing for you is not on purpose then we ask that you think again. Would you knowingly spend hundreds to thousands of dollars more for the same test that you can get for a fraction of the cost somewhere else? Would you knowingly want to pay additional utilization fees, extra charges and other hidden costs including a separate fee for a radiologist interpretation even if you were on the easiest payment plan, of forever? Would it be worth it? Or is it starting to make sense that you could save that money for you and your family by only having One low bill that includes the radiologist interpretation and no hidden charges. We were raised thinking insurance was a good thing when we used it but trust us when we say insurance today is only designed to work IF you absolutely need it.


Large health institutions have a lot of power and are able to set their prices over the insurance companies where as, small independent free market centers can not. We believe that whether it’s Obama Care or Repeal and Replace, that without the Free Market, there will be no longer such a thing as affordable choices in diagnostic healthcare.


Tri-Lakes Diagnostic Imaging looks forward to helping you with your questions, education and giving you the power to choose.